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General Terms and Conditions

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Salzburger Burgen & Schlösser Management

Establishment of the Office of the Provincial Government

of the Province of Salzburg

Mönchsberg 34, 5020 Salzburg

Tel .: +43 / 662/846181, email: shop@salzburg-burgen.at / Homepage: www.salzburg-burgen.at

UID: ATU 3679 6400

  1. General / Scope
    1. The following general terms and conditions ("GTC") as well as the fortress- or castle-regulations apply for the purchase of tickets in the customer's chosen attraction operated by Salzburger Burgen & Schlösser management ("SBSM") and for all resulting relationships between SBSM and the user ("customer").
    2. SBSM also sells tickets for the funicular to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. SBSM does not operate the funicular itself, SBSM only sells tickets. If the customer purchases a ticket for the funicular, the customer enters into a transport contract with Salzburg AG on the basis of the “Conditions of Carriage for the funicular to Hohensalzburg Fortress”.
    3. These general terms and conditions, the conditions of carriage for the funicular to Hohensalzburg Fortress and the fortress- or castle-regulations are explicitly accepted by the customer when clicking the declaration "I have read and accept the general terms and conditions", in the online ticket shop. These documents can be printed, saved or downloaded as a pdf file.
  2. Ordering / Conclusion of the contract
    1. For online ticket purchases, a valid registration and a valid email address is required. Tickets can only be ordered if all mandatory fields (fields marked with an asterisk) are filled in. Before sending the order, the customer receives an overview of the contents of the entire order including prices, which can be corrected or confirmed under item 1 of the order form.
    2. By clicking the button "Order with obligation to pay", the customer sends an order to SBSM, and makes a binding offer. This offer is accepted by SBSM after positive confirmation of the payment transaction by sending the tickets to the specified email address. With receipt of the order by SBSM and the subsequent confirmation by SBSM, the contract for the purchase of the ticket(s) between SBSM and the customer is concluded.
    3. The tickets are only valid for the date or time period selected by the customer during the ordering process.
    4. The services offered by SBSM are leisure services that are performed at a given time or within a specific time period (§ 18 para 1 no. 10 FAGG). Therefore, online ticket sales and other contracts negotiated at a distance (e.g. by telephone or email) are not covered by the statutory right of withdrawal for distance sales. The conclusion of contract was not preceded by a meeting and is therefore subject to the Online and Distance Selling for Businesses (except the 3rd section), and § 3 KSchG (right of withdrawal) does not apply.
  3. Prices / Payment
    1. The prices can be viewed at the Online Ticket Shop. All prices are in Euros and include the statutory VAT.
    2. The total invoice amount is composed of: the ticket price (less any reductions/discounts), and the legally prescribed (Austrian) tax.
    3. Payment is conducted according to the method of payment selected by the customer when ordering. Payment administration is implemented by Adyen N.V.
    4. The purchase process is completed by entering the desired payment method and by clicking the button "Order with obligation to pay". This purchase is binding and cannot be cancelled. Ticket is valid only after it is paid in full.
    5. For the implementation of price reductions or discounted tickets (e.g. school-, student-, apprentice tickets) the legitimacy of the respective discount will be requested before or upon entry. If a discount is not selected correctly, the ticket has to be rebooked on the spot (with added payment up to the normal price). Visitors purchasing a ticket with admission time restrictions,and entering before or after the period for which the ticket is valid, will be required to pay a surcharge up to the value of the next available ticket.
  4. Information for booking procedure in accordance with § 9 E-Commerce Law (ECG)
    1. The following technical steps lead to an effective and binding offer for the customer and conclude the contract:
      1. The desired type and number of tickets is selected by the customer at [www.salzburg-burgen.at];
      2. The application/registration information of the customer is entered;
      3. The desired payment method is selected by the customer;
      4. An opportunity is given to review the order before making the order with obligation to pay;
      5. The customer has read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions;
      6. By clicking the button "Order with obligation to pay", the booking process is completed and the customer sends the binding offer.
      7. After receipt of the order and confirmation of the payment transaction, the customer receives the ticket from SBSM including confirmation of the concluded contract and thus the contract between the customer and SBSM is complete.
  5. Provision of tickets
    1. The tickets are sent after the conclusion and positive verification of the payment transaction by separate email to the customer at the email address specified in the order process. The customer has the option to print the ticket on their own or to bring it in an electronically stored form on the day of the visit.
    2. Duplication of a ticket - in whatever form - for the purpose of providing to unauthorized third parties is prohibited. The principle of the first access applies. The ticket code is cancelled when you first access. Any further tickets with an already validated code do not qualify for admission.
    3. The commercial resale of tickets is prohibited.
  6. Warranty and liability
    1. Damage claims by the customer, on whatever legal basis, are excluded, unless SBSM or a representative of SBSM has caused the damage deliberately or through gross negligence. Explicitly excluded from this are injuries to the person.
    2. Statutory warranty claims, in particular for consumers, exist and remain unaffected.
  7. House and fortress rules
    1. The property is a historical complex. It is forbidden to climb on walls, balustrades or railings. It is also dangerous to leave the paths and therefore forbidden. Parents are liable for their children.
    2. Thereisageneraldrivingbanforthewholecomplex.Novehiclesmay be parked in the fortress. Exceptions are granted only by the fortress administration.
    3. Thecomplexislockedintheevening.Itcanonlybeenteredduringthe published opening hours and with valid admission tickets. Unauthorised entry into the complex constitutes a trespass.
    4. Any other time spent on the premises of the complex outside the opening hours (work, all events, etc.) must be reported to the fortress administrator in good time and his/her permission must be obtained.
    5. Anypersonwhohasbeengiventhekeysforthecentrallockingsystem against signature shall bear full responsibility for these keys. These keys may under no circumstances be passed on to third parties and must be returned to the person issuing the keys immediately after completion of the activity in the fortress. If a key is lost, the affected part of the locking system will be replaced at the expense of the borrower.
    6. Any damage to the fortress property must be reported to the fortress administrator.
    7. Special attention must be paid to the increased risk of fire on the fortress grounds! Throughout the entire fortress premises, lighting fires and using open fire is forbidden by the fire brigade. The carrying and use of fireworks, Bengali fires and incendiary devices is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas. Smoking is permitted outdoor, ashtrays intended for this purpose must be used.
    8. Launchingorflyingdronesoverthepropertyisexpresslyprohibited.
    9. It is forbidden to take or duplicate any photos in the areas visited beyond private use. For commercial photography or filming, please contact the fortress administration.
    10. The complex, including parts of the interior premises are under video surveillance. The recordings serve exclusively for the preventive protection of persons and objects.
    11. No refund of the entrance fee will be granted if parts of the complex are not accessible due to events, construction measures, security reasons or other reasons.
    12. It is forbidden to take animals into the exhibition rooms. Dogs must wear a muzzle in the elevators.
    13. Appropriate seasonal footwear adapted to the season must be worn in the winter months. It is only permitted to walk on cleared or gritted pathways. Pay particular attention to any impairment of the footpaths by ice and snow during this time.
    14. Do not throw any objects from the observation towers and viewpoints. Falling objects may endanger lives. Dispose of your waste in the appropriate containers.
    15. Do not enter restricted areas.
    16. Follow the instructions of the fortress administration and the security service.
  8. Refund or compensation for tickets
    1. A refund of the ticket price due to missing the day of the visit or due to circumstances which are not in the control of any of the parties (e.g. inclement weather, traffic congestion) is excluded. The opening times of the attractions can be found at www.salzburger-burgen.at.
  9. Data protection
    1. The customer explicitly agrees that his electronically disclosed data can be used by SBSM in an automated manner within the context of the order for purposes of contract management, customer service and marketing (including the sending of emails and SMS). The consent to receive emails can be revoked at any time. The customer is also entitled at any time to revoke his consent to the use of his personal data in writing by email or post to SBSM. Please find our Data Protection Notice here.
  10. Applicable law / Mediation
    1. Austrian law applies with the exclusion of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the conflict of laws provisions under international private law.
    2. After a direct attempt to reach an amicable agreement has failed, there is also the possibility for consumers to call the “Schlichtung für Verbrauchergeschäfte” (Arbitration for Consumer Transactions) 15811 691 99

Conditions of Carriage

for the


Festungsgasse 4, 5020 Salzburg

Tel.: + 43/662/44 801 500 Fax: + 43/662 / 8884-9755, Email: festungsbahn@salzburg-ag.at / Homepage: https://www.salzburg-ag.at/verkehr/ salzburger-local railways / fortress funicular /

UID: ATU 33790403

  1. Conditions of carriage are a part of the contract. They apply to the transport of passengers and goods as well as for the behaviour around the railway area.
  2. The fulfilment of the contract and thus the effectiveness of the present conditions of carriage begins with the entering and ends with the leaving of the funicular facilities.
  3. By purchasing a ticket, the passenger acknowledges the following provisions and undertakes to comply with the same.
  4. A breach of the conditions of carriage may also result in legal liability consequences.
  5. The funicular company is obliged to convey passengers in accordance with the timetable, if
    1. the applicable laws and conditions of carriage as well as the rules issued by the funicular company in the interest of order and safety are complied with and
    2. the carriage is not impeded by circumstances, which could not be anticipated by the funicular company and which are also not able to be remedied.
  6. Drunks and people who do not comply with the provisions of these Conditions of Carriage or those who will not or due to their particular physical or mental condition are obviously not able to follow the rules issued by the funicular company to ensure safety and order will be excluded from transport.
  7. Transport follows the regularly scheduled times and additional trips as needed. Extra trips are at the discretion of the funicular company.
  8. The passengers must hold a valid ticket. It is generally non-transferable, fare is determined by exception. The period of validity is noted on the ticket or stated in the fare.
  9. The ticket must be presented upon request to be inspected or voided by the staff of the funicular company. If the ticket is in such a state that its validity is no longer detectable, a new ticket must be obtained.
  10. A passenger who is encountered after departure without a valid ticket, regardless of any additional criminal prosecution, must pay the fare according to the additional carriage charges defined in the fare provisions. Entering and leaving the control zone or the rail facilities is considered a journey.
  11. Anyone attempting to use or who successfully uses an unauthorized ticket, regardless of any additional criminal prosecution, will have the ticket confiscated without compensation and must pay the fare according to the additional carriage charges defined in the fare provisions.
  12. If a passenger refuses to pay for the fare or the additional carriage charges, the staff of the funicular company are entitled to demand identification from him and exclude him from transport.
  13. Lost tickets will not be replaced.
  14. If transportation is impossible for reasons that the funicular company is responsible for or according to item 5b, the fare for single tickets will be refunded in full and otherwise partially refunded.
  15. If transportation is impossible for reasons that the passenger is responsible for, the passenger is not entitled to a refund of the ticket price.
  16. For passenger behaviour before, during and after transport the following applies:
    1. Passengers must behave so that the safety of the funicular and passengers are not jeopardized and its order and operation are not disturbed.
    2. Passengers are only allowed to enter the public places of the station or the railway facilities and spaces open to passengers.
    3. Getting in and out is only permitted at the places specified for this purpose. These are the lower and upper stations. The provisions in item 22 shall apply to the middle station.
    4. If during transport the funicular stops, passengers must behave calmly and wait for the orders from the funicular staff.
    5. Holding, throwing or dropping objects out of the funicular during transport is prohibited.
    6. Smoking is prohibited in the funicular.
    7. The opening and closing of windows and doors of the car must be done by the funicular staff.
    8. After completion of the transport, the platform must be vacated quickly in the indicated direction.
    9. Signs, prohibitions, commands and instructions that are relevant to the passengers of the funicular must be strictly observed.
  17. The passengers are allowed to carry easily portable, non-bulky items up to a total weight of 10 kg with them.
  18. Passengers who damage or soil transport equipment or other equipment of the funicular, must pay the repair or cleaning costs. Wilful damage will be reported to the authorities.
  19. Animals are accepted for transport if safe operation and unimpaired transport can be expected, the animal carrier is kept secure during transport, and no passengers object.
  20. Goods or luggage are accepted only by special agreement. Luggage will not be held for safekeeping.
  21. Transport of goods: Goods will only be accepted for transport by agreement. The transport of goods can be rejected, if the transport is not permitted due to site- or operating conditions or if the funicular could become damaged or unsafe to operate.
  22. Boarding and disembarking at the middle station:

    Boarding at the middle station is only possible for a certain group of people. The selection of these individuals is decided by the Salzburg local railway. Disembarking at the middle station is possible for all passengers, in so far as they comply with the conditions of carriage. However, there is no requirement that transport to the middle station must be carried out at the next possible journey.

    The decision whether or not to stop at the middle station is made by the Salzburg local railway.

    Passengers who wish to disembark at the middle station must inform the staff of the funicular clearly and in a timely manner (when purchasing the ticket).

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